LED Screen For News Studio

How LED Screen Helps For News Studio?

Studios require the image quality to be maintained along with functioning at a minimum level of brightness. That is what we offer here. LEDs operate without any noise, with almost no heat production and can also use different creative designs.

At Kan Universal, we provide you with a wide range of choices for your specific LED requirement. Today, LEDs are being used in diverse fields such as aviation lighting, traffic signals, camera flashes, and even medical devices. Due to the LED technology used in the video walls the display is capable of delivering very high tech, sharp and bright image payoffs.

Innovative Technology
Kan Universal offers a full range of innovative, reliable LED Solutions like LED Display Module, Control Card, Wire Accessories, Pixel LED, SMD LED, SMPS, and more. Each product is independently tested and backed by the largest engineering and technical support in the industry.
Excellent Sales Support
Kan Universal look forward to attend every email and call and help you with our services. Our aim is to keep you – the customer – happy and our reputation has the testimony that we continue to have years of repetitive customers because it is all about great services a customer requires.
Timely Delivery
Kan Universal understands that it must continuously decrease the quantity of time required to deliver goods to our customers within the dedicated time. Our proficient team is ready and willing to help customers and supply the finest solutions as per our customer’s necessity.

Where The LED Screen Used in News Studio ?


Never out of fashion, never was, never will be. When you talk about presentability, LEDs are what you go for. At a place where individuals need to work from morning to evening, you cannot afford to make them uncomfortable with the heat produced by lights. On the other hand, you cannot compromise how the place looks because it has to be seen by public all over the world. LEDs are a solution to all these.

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Presentable & impactful, LEDs operate without any noise, with almost no heat production and can also use different creative designs.

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