Asychronous Full-color Common Card HD-C1

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Asychronous Full-color Common Card HD-C1  
  1. The control card can automatically connect to computer without any network/IP setting.
  2. The first standard stereo output in the industry.
  3. The most complete U-disk functions: U disk can be used to update program, work as extended memory, set screen parameters, adjust brightness, calibrate time and upgrade firmware.
  4. The most cost-effective asynchronous control card with 50% less.
  5. The first startup screen function: users can customize the screen at boot time.
  6. Unique layer transparency setting function.
Module Type Be compatible with indoor/outdoor full-color/single/dual color module; support virtual module
Scan mode All scan modes from static to 1/32 are supported.
Control range 384(width)x 128(height)
Gray Scale 0~65536
Functions Basic functions such as video, text, picture,
clock and time are supported; Extended functions such as remote control, temperature, humidity, brightness and noise are also supported..
Video format AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, ASF, MPG, FLV,F4V,
Memory The built-in 512MB memory can store programs for over 2 hours; and supports U disk to play programs directly and to be expanded limitedlessly.
Port 2pin 5V power x1, 10/100M RJ45 x1, USB 2.0 x1, two-channel AUDIO x1 and standard 2x25pin HUB port x2
Work Voltage 4.5-6V
Work Temperature -20℃-80℃
Control Softwaree LedArt series software

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